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Professional horticulturist, plant enthusiast, weekend adventurer

when all three combine that’s when the magic happens.

Gardening talks, lectures and workshops delivered throughout the mainland UK

A little bit about myself
I never really made the decision to become a horticulturist, however plants have simply always been part of my life. At 13 I had a gardening round, and an allotment, supplying the local shop with veg & earning a little pocket money.

After training as a professional horticulturist I have worked in roles as diverse as cucumber and tomato lecturer, pumpkin producer, plant propagator, interior landscaper and garden designer.

After over 20 years working at a leading land-based college as Head of Horticulture, I am now relishing the freedom of working as a freelance horticultural business consultant, speaker and trainer.

The highlight of the week is co presenting The Great Outdoors, a two-hour gardening phone in on BBC Radio Humberside, and visiting the BBC allotment where we trial new varieties of veg and fruit, and it has to be said, drink far too much coffee…


New talks for 2019/20

There are FIVE new talks available for 2019 and 2020, I hope you enjoy looking through them…

Perfect Pruning

“Once you understand the basics, pruning is as easy as falling off a log”

Pruning. The very mention of it can strike fear into the heart of even the most experienced gardener, however perfect pruning is easy when you understand the basics. Starting with the reviewing the best tools for the job; then considering a season by season guide to what to prune when and how – this is the talk many gardening clubs have been asking for.

Photographing your garden

Would you like to be able to take awesome images of the plants in your garden, as well as being a gardening club speaker Doug is a published photographer

In this talk Doug shares tricks and techniques to photograph both gardens flooded with golden sunshine, and also individual flowers. Plants are so much easier to photograph than people, they might dance in the breeze, but they don’t need to be reminded to smile!

Winter thrillers

Scent, stems and stunning colour, a winter garden can have it all…

Winter gardens, filled with colour and scent really lift the spirits on even the coldest winters day, in this talk Doug reveals the secrets of creating a stunning winter garden.

Growing better tomatoes

“It is impossible to think a sad thought while eating a home grown tomato, warm from the sun”

Doug started his horticultural career growing tomatoes, and has travelled widely looking at tomato production techniques. This talk is the ultimate tomato growing masterclass reviewing the best varieties to try, outdoor and indoor cultivation along with ways to avoid pests, diseases and disorders.

One club who have booked this talk are running a tomato competition with each member getting a seedling to grow, with a prize for the heaviest ripe  tomato brought to their September meeting.

Wild Yorkshire

It all starts when you head off to the wild places

Yorkshire is filled with the most wonderful wildlife and all you need to enjoy it are a pair of walking boots and a camera.

In this talk, Doug tells the stories of our wild places, introducing us to the plants and animals that call those places home.

Six of the BEST

These are Doug’s six most popular gardening talks…

10 ways to a better garden

This has become established as Doug’s most popular gardening talk, (indeed if Doug was a chef, this would be his signature dish) and has been enjoyed by over 200 groups in the last few years.

Gaining inspiration from some of the finest gardens in the world, this talk temps you to consider 10 easy ways to create your very own dream garden.

The talk concludes with a very personal look at over 20 favourite plants, reminding us to fall in love with our gardens all over again.

The way we were…

This is fast becoming one of my most popular gardening talks. It builds on a growing passion for collecting and reading old gardening magazines, brochures and books, which as you will see are filled with some strange curiosities…

So how did we garden over 60 years ago and just how much have things changed from the humble shed, to the flower show and of course the very latest products and devices to make gardening easy?

Using the catalogues and gardening magazines of yesteryear as inspiration this talk ponders on adverts for lightweight concrete greenhouses, and why only pipe smoking men seemed to be used in adverts!

10 NEW must have plants

Working with some of the largest plant producers in the UK, I am very fortunate to see many new plants before they are launched..

Traveling widely in the UK and visiting many of the leading gardens, which are crammed with fantastic plants gives the opportunity to view many of the newest introductions, many of which we are putting through their paces on the BBC Radio Humberside allotment.

Here are just 10 of these plants, which are worthy of a place in every garden…

Superheroes – The Plant Hunters

This talk is a celebration of the lives of the Plant Hunters, men who went out all over the world for the love of rare and unusual plants…

Plant Hunters – people who braved hardship, evil warlords, cannibals and almost certain death, to bring us so many of the plants that we grow today. As one of the horticultural heroes says, “people have no idea what goes into that tiny packet of seeds.”

This talk is dedicated to them and tells their amazing inspirational story.

The Holly, the Ivy, and other Christmas stories

A great favourite for that Christmas meeting, where a short amusing talk is in order, before a buffet or similar. Some clubs have booked this with a short Quiz for a fun and festive evening!

How well do you know your festive plants and the tales they have to tell?

This is a talk of fables, folklore and legend; looking at the Holly, Ivy, Mistletoe and of course the king of all festive plants the Christmas Tree.

The Drunken Gardener

This very popular talk is ideal for Christmas Meetings, and of course, to liven up an AGM, especially when accompanied by wine and nibbles…

This talk looks at the role that many of our garden plants have in the creation of some of the worlds finest drinks…

Taking inspiration from nettle beer, through to more exotic beverages such as pulque this talk takes an amusing and sideways look at plants, gardens and favourite tipples.

Some rather lovely feedback

A few thoughts from the blog...

Edging to spring…

Wandering around the garden, looking in despair at the number of things I should be getting on with before winter arrives, suddenly I saw something to take my breath away. Earlier in the year I planted a paper bush, Edgeworthia chrysantha, which has been steadily growing and is obviously happy in its new home. but…

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