“Not only are you a wonderfully funny man, who possesses a real depth and breadth of professional knowledge. What’s special is that you have the gift to present it so simply that even novices like me can understand.” 

Helen Fisher

Talks & Lectures


Doug is happy to travel throughout the UK to give talks to Gardening Clubs, WIs, Countrywomens’ Guilds and Ladies Luncheon Clubs.



If you club or society is looking for a change from slides and lectures then Doug is happy to host practical workshops

In your garden

Garden consultancy

Let Doug identify the plants in your garden, give you a monthly maintenance plan, or simply advise on problem places.

Gardening Club Websites

Gardening club websites

Doug would be delighted to create a website for your club or society, with prices starting at just £10 a month.

Garden Centre Consultancy

Owl Lane Nurseries - Plantaria

The main part of Doug’s day job is working with garden centres facilitating business improvement schemes, carrying out staff training, business consultancy and marketing.

Catering Consultancy

Waring Stewart Associates Catering Consultancy

When Doug is not working with clients in garden retail he is working with clients helping them take their catering to the next level.