This is such a wonderful time of the year to be out in the garden, with each sunny day being so welcome as we are now only 4 weeks for Bonfire Night and the start of winter.

The trees are also starting to show their fiery red colours, which captivates me at this time of the year.

This week I am enjoying…

  1. Cleaning out, disinfecting and restocking bird feeders.
  2. Making up hanging baskets for winter and spring colour
  3. I love planting out some veg at this time of the year, as this allows them to get going on the very first day of spring, onion sets, garlic and broad beans are all great to plant now
  4. The decking has been going a darker colour and getting slippery, so this week is pressure wash week!
  5. Soft fruit bushes that were laden with their crops earlier in the year can now be pruned back to keep them vigorous and open centred
  6. Lawns look so much better when just cut, at this time of the year raising the blades a little will allow us to carry on manicuring the lawns as we head towards our first frosts.
  7. Finally we will be harvesting apples from the trees in the garden, the best apples go into store, the blemished ones get juiced and frozen.