1 am relishing every minute of the Easter Holidays, as they are a wonderful opportunity to reconnect with friends, family, and the garden. I have also been enjoying sitting out in the garden this week, with a mug of tea, and watching as the birds collect material for their nests.

This week is a busy one in the garden!

1. I am gently pulling the faded flower heads off spring bulbs, this will help the foliage to send goodness and nourishment to the bulb for next year – as will applying general fertiliser. (By the way, do not be tempted to tie the bulb’s foliage up into a pig tail as this stops the light getting to the leaves and results in fewer and smaller flowers next year.)

2. I have been doing a lot of work on the lawn recently. Cutting the grass and using lawn dressing to even out any dips that have formed over the winter. We are also popping a little grass seed onto bare areas, as this is the ideal month to repair lawns or to sow new lawns!

3. I will also be finishing off the lawn project off by using an edging iron to give a sharp edge between the lawn and the borders.

4. Good Friday is the traditional time to plant potatoes and so I am getting out my spade and making sure I have them all planted by the end of today.

5. One of the best things about gardening in the spring is seeing the new shoots forming on plants. Climbers such as Clematis produce new shoots, which can get damaged in the spring breeze, however a little garden twine and some tender loving care will soon set them up for the year ahead.

6. I am also making small and regular sowing of vegetables, so I will have small and regular harvests through the summer, (rather than huge gluts of vegetables all coming ready at the same time)

7. April is also the month when we start to feed houseplants and so I will be going round the house, cleaning the leaves of our houseplants, taking off any dead leaves and giving them a watering of houseplant food for them to enjoy.

And talking of enjoyment, have a wonderful time enjoying your gardens this week, and have a very Happy Easter.