Sunny days, April showers, Bumblebees buzzing and birds nesting there has been so much to enjoy in the garden this week, and that is without mentioning the Lily of the valley, Primroses, Tulips and the Blizzards of Blossom!

This week I am really looking forward to getting stuck into the garden…

I will be keeping a close watch on the weather forecast, so I can protect any tender plants from frost with a layer of fleece.

I will also be potting up those self-sown seedlings around many of our plants such as Hellebores to grow them on, before planting them out in the autumn.

I will be continuing to moss kill, rake and repair the lawns to get them looking their very best for the summer days that will be here soon.

I am also planning on putting in the last sowings of Sweet Peas, which must be one of our favourite summer flowers.

I am also continuing to sow and plant in the vegetable garden, sowing carrots (the ones sown from now on will need carrot fly protection – I will be telling you how to do this in due course!) Kohl Rabi, Florence Fennel and winter Brassicas.

In the fruit garden I will be feeding the blackberries and blackcurrants with a balanced feed (such as Growmore) to help them make strong new growth.

I will also be dividing up herbs like chives, making sure we give them a really good watering when we replant them.

Happy Gardening!