Booking Doug is easy!

All Doug’s talks last for around 1 hour, and can be split into two halves to allow for a coffee break if required.

Most clubs however seem to prefer to have the talk, then a coffee break and questions afterwards.

If you are looking for a shorter talk, just ask, Doug has a number of talks that lend themselves to luncheon clubs etc.


No of people present(Evenings) Cost (+ VAT) No of people present(During the day) Cost (+ VAT)
Up to 45 people £70.00 Up to 45 people £100.00
46 – 65 People £85.00 46 – 65 People £125.00
66 – 85 people £100.00 66 – 85 people £155.00
86 – 120 people £125.00 86 – 120 people £195.00
121 – 200 people £180.00 121 – 200 people £250.00


Please note these prices do NOT include VAT, which must be added to the cost of the talk.

Due to the high cost of fuel Doug has to make a cost for travel from Beverley, and charges travel at 40p/mile + VAT

Doug is currently taking bookings for talks in 2019 and 2020, if you are very organised and like to book a speaker well in advance then Doug is also happy to take bookings for 2021!

Doug is equally happy to give talks in the mornings, afternoons or evenings, and is happy to travel anywhere on the mainland UK.

To book Doug, either call now on 07775 535753 or drop him an email.

Alternatively just fill in the enquiry form on the homepage of this website (click here) and Doug will be happy to check his diary and answer any questions you may have.

Its as easy as that!

(Page updated January 2019)