While our garden might not be as pristine as those at Hampton Court Palace Flower Show, it full of colour, hanging baskets dripping with flowers, Delphiniums showing an almost iridescent blue in the evening sun, poppies blowing in the wind and the heady scent from the rose border wafting in the breeze.

This week we are going to treat ourselves to a huge bouquet of freshly cut roses, which will fill the house with their sweet, spicy fabulous fragrance

We will also be making courgette fritters, courgette soup, courgette chutney and of course for tea there is always courgette surprise. We will also be sowing some more courgettes to replace plants as they start to run out of energy or succumb to mildew.

We are also collecting Nasturtium flowers to add colour to salads and a lovely hot peppery flavour. Talking of which we are also making regular sowings of Rocket, spinach, spring onions and lettuce.

Herbs can also be harvested for drying, so that we can add a little summer sunshine to dishes in the gloomy dark days of winter.

We are also having fun with floral ice cubes, dropping one borage flower into each compartment on the ice cube tray before carefully adding water. They really do make the most beautiful cubes for when friends come round.

There is also a lot of serious harvesting, and huge grins of satisfaction in the veg garden as early potatoes, onions and garlic can all be harvested in July. (You know if there is anything in life better than a homegrown potato, tossed in butter with fresh mint we have yet to experience it!

Finally a favourite job harvesting all of the soft fruit, strawberries, blackcurrants, gooseberries to name but a few, we are enjoying them fresh and making jam!

We hope you have a wonderful sun filled week in the garden.