What a wonderful month, our gardens seem to look their very best in June, and with all of the sun and rain we have been having most gardens are looking lush and full of soft green foliage…


  1. During the summer plants growing in pots really do welcome regular feeding and of course regular watering.
  2. Having fed plants in pots, it is a good idea to deadhead them to keep them flowering all summer long. A lot of plants will reduce the number of flowers they produce when they start to produce seeds, so removing dead flowers is the most effective way to keep them blooming.
  3. This week we are carrying out what is affectionately known as the Chelsea chop, which involves cutting the dead flower spikes off cottage garden plants to give them a new lease of life and perhaps a second flush of flower in a few weeks.
  4. We are also keeping our eyes open for the tell tale sign of Lily beetle, from the chewed leaves to the bright red adults
  5. We are continuing to sow and plant in the vegetable garden, a little and often is better than all at once to avoid gluts
  6. Roses really do benefit from a summer feed as they are hungry plants, either use a good rose food, or tomato food will work just as well/
  7. Remember that summer is a good time to move houseplants outdoors to let them enjoy some warm sun, and refreshing rain on their leaves.