You know if anything in life is better than picking a homegrown strawberry fresh from the plant, then popping it in your mouth, still warm from the sun then we have yet to find. We love June! (And strawberries)

  1. One of the jobs we are really looking forward to doing this week is pressure washing the decking and paving in the garden, it really does leave it like new and brightens up the whole house.
  2. Another great job is to give early flowering Cottage Garden Perennials a chop back, to encourage a second round of flowering (we hope) later on in the year.
  3. This is also a great month to sow the seed of Cottage Garden Perennials, as they will germinate quickly in the warmth and have enough time to put on some serious growth before the ravages of winter.
  4. One of the most rewarding jobs at this time of the year is the training of tomatoes. Taking out the side shoots, winding the stem round the string to support it and then leaving everything neat, tidy and well tended.
  5. As June is a dry month, we usually go round the border with our tickling fork to loosen the soil and so let the rain soak into the soil, at the same time rooming weeds and then adding a 2 or 3 inch layer of bark mulch, which not only looks prettier than soil, but which also seals in the moisture when it does rain.
  6. After the frantic work earlier in the season to get everything planted and looking good, this is a good week to fill any remaining pots and sow courgette or other fast growing vegetables, we are also going to put in a late sowing of runner and French beans, which are a great favourite summer veg.
  7. Finally, secateurs in hand, we will be doing some containment pruning on climbers, which if left untamed can take over the whole garden this month.

Whatever you end up doing in the coming week, we hope it includes time enjoying your garden…