If, like me you are a keen gardener, then this week our windowsills will be filled with seedlings in pots, wriggling their leaves in delight at the spring sunshine, just waiting to be planted out into the garden.

This week I have also been loving the wildflowers on the roadside verges, with White Deadnettles and Red Campions looking stunning this year.

This week I am really looking forward to getting into my gardens and:

1. Pruning back spring flowering shrubs that have finished flowering to encourage the to produce strong new growth.

2. Talking of pruning, we are enjoying watching all of our garden birds darting, with beaks filled with tasty morsels to their nests, which reminds us to check very carefully for nesting birds before pruning.

3. We will also be having a glass of beer, however this only so that we can share the rest of the bottle with our slugs, the mild winter and wet spring means that there are more of these pesky creatures around than ever.

4. We are also hardening our hearts as we remove spring bedding plants (which in truth are looking a little bit tired now) to make way for summer bedding, which can be planted out shortly.

5. We are continuing to make sowings of vegetables, including carrots, dwarf French beans, courgettes, luscious salad leaves and beetroot.

6. While we are in the vegetable garden, we are also pulling soil up around our potato shoots to protect them from any late frosts.

7. We are also taking time out of working in our own gardens to visit “Open Gardens” (http://www.ngs.org.uk) for both the inspiration, the cups of tea and home baked cakes!