Oh, yes, May is here and with it all of my favourite jobs, raising tender vegetables, making up hanging baskets, creating a deck filled with colour and scent, afternoon tea sat out in the garden, snoozing with the sun on my face, did I mention I love May?

This week I am:

Keeping a keen watch on the weather forecast for the F word, “Frost” – I have fleece at the ready!

I am starting to water our pots and tubs more often and adding a little feed to get the plants growing.

I have started to take cuttings of shrubs, using the easy to root soft new growth.

I am feeding (and weeding) my lawns to keep them looking green and healthy all summer long. May is also the last month to sow lawns before the hot dry summer weather begins…)

I am protecting my carrots from the evil carrot fly by erecting a fleece fence all around them, make sure the fleece goes into the ground, so the blighters do not get under it.

One of the jobs I love, as I potter in the garden is to tie in the new growth made by climbers to prevent any damage from the winds.

I am also keeping the hoe moving, so I can (try) to keep my borders weed free.