This week we have been loving the heady, wonderful scent from the Honeysuckle along with the flowers on our Clematis, which look good even when the rain is dripping off them!

  1. Even on rainy days we have been out with the hosepipe watering and feeding our baskets, pots and containers to keep them looking at their best.
  2. We are also making new plants by taking some of the growth from our climbers, laying it over a pit filled with compost and weighing the growth down with a large pebble. This is called layering and by autumn the climber will have rooted into the pot and can be separated from the mother plant.
  3. Talking of new plants this is the perfect time to trim back and even lift and divide spring flowering perennials such as Pulmonarias.
  4. Finally the foliage left from the spring bulbs is starting to go yellow and so we are cutting this down and mowing the lawn in that area for the first time this year.
  5. As it is unusual to get a frost at this time of the year, we are planting every pot and container with bedding plants and of course tender vegetable such as courgettes, tomatoes and sweet corn.
  6. We are starting to make a final sowing of cornflowers and larkspur, as summer is almost upon us.
  7. Finally, we are planting a new herb garden, to supply us with fresh and fragrant herbs all summer long.



Happy gardening…