Doug has been hard at work creating a flurry of new talks for 2018…


Shady Characters!

Or, growing and using shade loving herbs

That shady corner in the garden is perfect for growing lots of herbs.

Herbs like coriander are better grown in the shade, as they hate dry soils and produce much softer tastier leaves…

In this new talk for 2018/19 Doug suggests a dozen herbs that are happier growing in the shade…


Winter thrillers

Scent, stems and stunning colour, a winter garden can have it all

Winter gardens filled with colour and scent really lift the spirits on even the coldest winters day, in this talk Doug reveals the secrets of creating a stunning winter garden.


Growing better tomatoes

“It is impossible to think a sad thought while eating a home grown tomato, warm from the sun”

Doug started his horticultural career growing tomatoes, and has travelled widely looking at tomato production techniques. This talk is the ultimate tomato growing masterclass reviewing the best varieties to try, outdoor and indoor cultivation along with ways to avoid pests, diseases and disorders.

One club who have booked this talk are running a tomato competition with each member getting a seedling to grow, with a prize for the heaviest ripe  tomato brought to their September meeting.


Monkey cups, hens n chicks, and fresh air

Doug’s cottage is filled with around 50 different houseplants, ranging from orchids, succulents and ferns through to more sinister flesh eating favourites.

In this talk Doug introduces a few of his favourites, telling their fascinating stories and sharing tips for success.


The Incidental Adventurer

Big Doug is now lesser Doug, having shed 11 stone in 11 months Doug has been asked to tell his story…

A key part of Doug’s weightless has been his trusty pair of walking boots, walking 1000 miles a year, Doug shares the stories and the plants and the views he has discovered on his journey…