Doug has been hard at work creating a flurry of new talks for 2017…

Gardening in the future

A lighthearted, but informative review of the latest innovations and discoveries that are going to change the way we garden…

I was asked by Chris who runs Wheldrake Gardening Club if I had thought of giving a talk about where gardening is going. Chris was wanting a talk that was:

  • Lighthearted
  • Informative
  • Gives a round up of Research and Development
  • Looks at new and novel ways of controlling Pests and Diseases
  • Suggests new ideas from tree planting to digging

Here is what Hilary of Normanby Gardeners had to say about the talk…

“I just thought that I would let you know that we found the talk fascinating. One or two members had thought that it might be rather too scientific but pronounced it to be “brilliant” at the end of the evening. As usual the subject was very entertaining as well as informative. We would recommend it to other gardening clubs searching for a talk which a change from the usual subjects.”

Magic Makers

This is an ideal talk for WIs, Chrurch Groups, Ladies Luncheon Clubs and other groups.

Every year Doug joins a small team of people who visit 140 Garden Centres throughout the whole country to judge them on their Christmas displays and their Santa experience.

In this talk we follow the story of a select group of Garden centres as they

  • Travel Europe buying Christmas stock
  • Source and choose their Christmas Trees
  • Build their Grotto and of course as Santa arrives

This is a fun, interactive and very seasonal talk, which would be perfect for a Christmas Meeting.

Gardening on the edge

Gardening on the edge – Coastal Plants and Gardens” is the name of Doug’s Newest talk, which is suitable for general interest groups such as WIs and Ladies Luncheon Clubs, as well as Gardening Clubs.

Doug is currently reclaiming his garden after letting his house out for a few years, his new garden will have a strong coastal influence.

In this talk Doug visits some wonderful coastal gardens, considers plants to grow near the coast, and how to achieve that coastal look.

The Drunken Gardener

This talk will look at the role that many of our garden plants have in the creation of some of the worlds finest drinks…

Something a little bit different. This talk is ideal for Christmas Meetings, and of course, to liven up an AGM!

Wicked Plants

This is a talk looking at plants that hurt, mame and kill, in some rather ingenious ways…

Just when you thought it was safe to go out into the garden.

Something a little bit different…

Flowers, foliage and Fat Rascals

Doug has been a regular visitor of the RHS Garden at Harlow Carr for over 20 years. During this time he has seen this garden develop into one of the finest gardens in the North of England.

Starting with an insight into the history of the garden, this talk then goes on to look at many of the stunning plants this fantastic garden has to offer.

And I think we all know where the Fat Rascals come from!

Flowers of the verge and byway

Doug has spent a good few months on his knees, camera in hand, photographing wild orchids and and other charming wildflowers, along with researching the stories, folklore and tales that go with them…